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What our clients are saying

Nutrition Counseling Clients

“Lori took the time to understand me, my goals and my lifestyle. Her recommendations were thoughtful, pragmatic and applied specifically to me. This makes her ideas easily actionable. Each time I have walked out her office, it has been with specific ideas I can put into action right away. As a result, I began incorporating changes to my diet and lifestyle, starting with our very first session. These little changes have made a difference.”

“Had the surgery Wednesday. Just got home. Will be a long six weeks. Very restricted diet. Your help was extremely valuable.”

“I have had the pleasure of taking both of my children to see Lori for nutrition help and advice over the past year. She is warm and friendly and made both of my kids feel very comfortable and at ease. She spoke to them on their level in a way they could understand the complexity of nutrition, while making it fun to learn about trying new foods and creating a balanced diet. She gently encouraged them to open to minds to trying new things and it has worked wonders for both of them. I can’t recommend Lori enough and would go back to her in a heartbeat!”

“Lori is amazing. She is so thorough in looking at a clients health issues, bloodwork, symptoms and overall concerns and making suggestions for both a well and nutritious lifestyle. With Lori’s suggestions, I was able to get to the root cause of my chronic health issues and am feeling so much better. Thank you Lori!”

“It was my great and good fortune to have an appointment with Lori a few weeks after being diagnosed with cancer. Lori taught me how important proper nutrition would be during cancer treatment and also taught me exactly how to achieve nutrition goals each day.

The oncologist who cared for me was shocked at the amount of energy and stamina I had during nine months of cancer treatment. Radiation damaged one of my eyes and I had two operations to repair that eye .  The ophthalmologist who cared for me was also amazed at the speed of my recovery. Recently I had a dental checkup and my dentist was also so happy to see that my teeth and gums were in such excellent health after so much grueling cancer treatment.  He definitely feels that good nutrition was the key factor in the health of my teeth and gums.

I cannot say enough good about Lori.  Her kindness, compassion and skill made and continue to make huge positive difference in my life.  I am more grateful to Lori than I can say!!!”


Other Consulting Work

“Lori just delivered a fantastic webinar.  It is no easy task putting so much information into such a short time frame but she did it seamlessly.”

“Just wanted to let you know I’m hearing lots of good feedback about your class and counseling sessions! They are learning a lot and appreciate the in-depth perspective of a nutritionist!”

“Thank you very much for your hard work and nice summary! Very helpful.”

I want to thank you for delivering such an authentic and engaging session, and bringing greater awareness to the complexities of Lyme disease.”

“Looks fantastic Lori – thanks so much for your help on this project!”

“I attended the seminar you lead at FNCE.  Hands down it was the best seminar I attended over the 4 days.  I wish you had more time to present.”

“I really appreciated the program and recommendations you presented today. I look forward to implementing recommendations and resources you provided to improve my family’s approach at wellness!”

“Thank you very much for your clinical insights and those comments are very helpful!”

“Thank you very much for you talk tonight and for all the prep work you did beforehand.  After you signed off, I asked for feedback on the meeting and on the live webinar.  They were very enthusiastic about you and your talk and thought it was terrific.  You are a dynamic speaker and people were very focused throughout the meeting.”





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